Why We Are Each Extraordinary

…what do you do when you feel like shit? When you think of all the ways your past weighs you down? When your shame nags at you or your ego barks at you and you go from feeling “very good” to less than?

I was asked this super interesting thing yesterday that has caused this shift in thinking for me, because I’m hard as hell on myself. To be clear, I’ve been examining Genesis a lot. “If we believe God is good, loves us and wants a relationship with us, and we are all created in His image, what does that say about how we should treat others?” Then the thought occurred to me: Yourself.

Not just others. Yourself. I offer forgiveness and compassion readily to others but not to myself. But I was also created in His image. He loves me. He wants a relationship with me. We are unique and called out from all other creations in our similarity to Him. So why can’t I see myself this way?

God created with imagination and love. We too create beyond basic animal survival. Art, cities, comforts, and technology. God spoke words of power that can create and destroy. We too have words with power: prayer, music, poetry, plays, literature, and even the way we use our words to lift each other up or tear one another down.

Why is it so easy to see God’s signature on the hearts of others and not see it in myself? I have to believe that this is a common problem.