For the Future

Abba, how good and faithful you are to one who is so faithless. I see from the beginning of the bible a plan of covenant and marriage, for relationship, and the faithlessness of your people to you, and yet it gives me hope. For in all the places you have redeemed my life, God, for in all the ways that you have brought about life transformation, it gives me hope that the desire you planted in my heart might become an answered prayer. As I search the bible, I see that mankind was created in your image as male and female; that it was not good for man to be alone. Formed by your hand, breathed with your breath, from the start we were designed to engage in your creation together, to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it not through kingship but through kinship. To love creation because it was created by you; to love each other because we are created by you, whom we ought to love steadfastly. Father, I pray you hear this prayer, that I might be part of this fruitfulness and multiplication. That through the man I would marry and the children we would have, your kingdom would grow closer to this earth. That we would be part of the story of reconciliation that began so long ago. Father, I pray that as your daughter, you bless me with this undeserved abundance that I might better serve you. I pray that my family, now and in the future, is not defined by the blood in our veins but rather by the blood that was spilled by a king for those who rejected and despised him. I pray that we would be a place of love, comfort, hope and joy to those who find themselves lacking, and that you would use our family to bless others in theirs.