A Love Letter (2016 Dec)

Dear __________,

You question if you could be loved without seeing the love you are surrounded by. There have been people every step of the way loving you; there has been challenge, support, generosity, encouragement, comfort and presence.

Your fear isolated you. That your past is too much, that you will be known, that if you let people in they’ll see you the way you see you: as not enough.

My beloved, fear not. I am with you always and I provide exactly what is needed. I know all of you and I love you more deeply and profoundly than you know. I know this is hard for you, that familiar chains that weigh you down can be difficult to cast off. But it is all for good.

I am with you through the tears and pain. I am emptying you of things that aren’t of me: rejection, bitterness and their companions. You are meant to be filled with my Spirit and know the fruit of its freedom.

Imagine the love you feel which cannot be broken or lessened, which is unconditional. This is a taste of how you are loved by me.

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