A Prayer

Oh the weary and the broken,

the sad, the mourning, the lost

whose heart aches for rest and wholeness.

Oh Lord, make your presence tangible,

show us your tears, Abba,

let us hear you weep with us.

Open our hearts, eyes and ears

Reveal Your steadfast love and

proclaim your faithfulness to us

that we might be reminded

that you are not a God of the past

but the God of forever.

That you move in the present,

and you have plans for our future.

Remind us that You claim us

as your adopted children.

Remind us that you are in the here and now

in the spaces of our relationships

in the acts of love, kindness, grace, hope, and forgiveness.

Call to mind that we are Your dwelling place.


We are a faithless people,

quick to forget Your heart and sacrifice.

We act as disobedient children.

Correct us in love so we might not forget

You are Creator of all.

You are the Intercessor, the Guide and the Seal.

You are Sophia, bringing us your Truth and Wisdom.

You are the shepherd whose voice is known to his sheep.

You are our Savior and Redeemer, using all things for your good,

for your glory and your Kingdom.

You are light and love,

the source of all good and wonderful things.

To You we give thanks that we are part of your story,

constantly in the process of being saved by you.

King and Counselor, Corrector and Comforter, Judge and Advocate,

you are all things to your people.

Oh my God, how good you are.


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