Why Care About Prisoners?

My heart is sad that I can’t rally more people to go run at LeCI.  There’s only 20-25 spots and we can’t even fill those between the class and all the people we’ve asked and yet…

The men? They’re apparently SUPER excited. They train for this and talk about it, plan for it. These are guys who run in boots and shoes with holes in them on a track that hasn’t been repaired in years and it is a healing process for them, as is visitors who want to run alongside them. Compete. Discuss the race afterwards. They’re looking forward to people visiting who aren’t just there to do a Bible Study but who actually want to share a little bit of life with them.

Should we care about that though? I mean, don’t they DESERVE to be where they are? Well… I’ll have papers coming down the line, I’m sure, that will look into the justice of the justice system but I do know that community is necessary for the health of every person, and when they re-enter society I certainly want them to be healthy. I don’t want this system to strip their humanity, their personhood, their life from them.

When one in four prisoners in the entire world exists in our country, we need to ask ourselves if we should start doing a better job of rehabilitating people in that system or continue with the punitive measures that keep the numbers of incarcerated individuals climbing. Below is a fantastic article written by a runner who went and ran inside one of these prisons.