God is Entrepreneurial

I went to a Christian entrepreneurial conference late last week,  the Unpolished Conference in Cincinnati, and it really made me think. The truth is,  I’m not particularly entrepreneurial. I would say walking away from it I’ve learned what I really enjoy and am best at is helping expand, execute and realize the ideas of others as well as problem solve. And yet I also do some very entrepreneurial things. Why is that?

I think it is because if we are in a deep relationship with God, we feel called to do things that are far beyond our current resources, require abnormal risk, and often either grows us or fulfills a need within our community. My friend, who doesn’t see herself as a home builder or entrepreneur, bought land and is looking at ways to build in the city. A man I know who is resistant to growing his business (he is a liberator of God’s people, providing transportation to the disabled) opened up to the idea of adding a person and is now seeing the abundance God provides on the other side of His promise. I feel called to do an art installation project to create a deeper sense of community in Cincinnati (a project of which I am wholly unqualified for) but it will grow me outside the corporate world.

I think if you asked any of us if these are things we particularly want to do, we would probably tell you we were instead doing what we felt called to do. That doesn’t change the entrepreneurial characteristics required of us. It just means we lean less into ourselves and more into God and our community, giving the glory to them.

3 thoughts on “God is Entrepreneurial

  1. Dear Brave Sparrow,
    I love saying that. We are all sparrows and being a brave sparrow is hard to do. It fits quite well with your message today. I understand the person’s hesitancy to grow when perhaps he has already worked a lifetime working, educating himself, raising a family, and now starting a business in the autumn of his years. A lot of the ambition is gone because I am willing to bet he feels like he no longer needs to prove anything to anybody. Finding something that suits his needs, helping his family and yet following God’s plan for him is probably enough. Your point though is well taken that perhaps it is not enough for God. Perhaps God wants him to do more. You should tell him about a non-profit group collecting data to give to Regional OKI transportation survey that would broaden the scope to help many more in need.


  2. I think God celebrates over the man, as the Bible says, and is happy over the ways in which he honors God. I also think that God celebrated his bravery to step out again, even fearful, even comfortable, because deep down that man wants to serve more people. This is vocation, this is word for word what Jesus called us to do. I wanted to celebrate with God over such a devote man who continues to bring liberation to God’s people.


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