Before We Get Hasty, I Hope You’ll Hear Me Out.

This made me think about why diversity of perspectives is important and why it is always important to have an open-mind but a discerning heart; listen. Take in everything. Learn about humanity. Understanding doesn’t have to equal agreement.

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

I’ve been blogging now for over fifteen years, and have noticed for a while an increasingly alarming surge of accusatory, polarized, one-sided comments that quickly shuts down any chance of discussion. It’s often so comically shrill and angry that it comes off as a parody, like all those news shows that make fun of other news shows to prove how narrow-minded the rhetoric really is. There’s an instant reflex to dismiss what’s being said. I can’t imagine anyone would be so serious about such binary, “black-and-white,” dogmatically stubborn remarks — but it’s deadly serious, with the flag raised higher than the pole, on the furthest side of the narrowest platform on the tiniest soapbox possible.

I can’t talk with someone whose mind is already made up. There’s no room for questions, a dialogue, a real conversation, a hope that others can learn. It’s so snide and abrupt that I wonder…

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