Laments (and talking to God)


“…a particular form of Hebrew poetry. Laments are prayers that begin with a complaint, in which the world is being described as being disordered and God is to blame, but moves to an assertion of trust that God will save God’s People.” This was in my St. Mary’s Press College Study Bible.

What stands out to me is that they had a name for this type of poetry that followed this trajectory of thought. Further rooted in their faith system that would allow such a type of poetry to exist would be the belief that God is okay with that. They can say these things to Him and it’s okay. Like it says, they have to believe “…there is nothing that cannot be said to God.” I find that totally beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Laments (and talking to God)

    • I think that “fear of God” is often misunderstood. I will try to write about it soon more comprehensively but I think we have something to learn from the Bible which is basically the story of God’s relationship with His People, a relationship of love. The fearing of God is a humbling of ourselves; it is to try to wrap our minds around all that God is and then to understand what we are in comparison. This is scary but also a reminder of His goodness in giving us a choice, over and over again, to be in relationship with Him. So fear of God is just understanding the gap between us and then putting our trust in the Creator. This is fundamentally what laments are; an expression of our lack of understanding in a situation which leads to a submitting of trust in our Creator. I hope that makes sense?


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